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Hi there, professionals in the creative field! Are you over the stressful process of determining how much to charge for your creative work? Fear not, though, for we’ve got you covered with Chris Do’s “Painless Pricing” course!With 26 educational videos, pricing rules, sample bids, interesting homework tasks, additional content, and lifetime upgrades, this course is a veritable gold mine of tools to help you price your creative work. Here’s a preview of what to anticipate:

1. **Recommended Prices:** Embrace the end of guessing! Discover how much to charge for your business by reading through in-depth analyses of various pricing tactics. In order to assist you estimate and bid on your next job like a pro, we’ve also included several price templates.

2. Representative Bids: Gain practical understanding of the bidding procedure. Examine real bids that were sent to clients, together with a detailed explanation of the methodology used to arrive at each figure. Discover the three different bid kinds that are based on value, output, and input—it’s like getting a sneak peak at the price playbook!

3. **Homework Assignments:** Pricing is a skill that may be mastered with practice. Make use of the interactive homework assignments to hone your bidding approach, establish your minimal level of participation, and gain confidence when addressing financial concerns with prospective customers.

This course is designed specifically for creative workers who wish to improve their business acumen in various sectors. It’s ideal for those who want to get more comfortable talking about money, make more money on new initiatives, and get rid of the annoyance that comes with undercharging.

“Chris Do – Painless Pricing” is the course for you if you’re prepared to eliminate the agony associated with setting a price for your creative work. Prepare to increase your rates, make money on each assignment, and bid adieu to price concerns.