Rebecca Zung – Slay Your Negotiation With a Narcissist




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Rebecca Zung – Slay Your Negotiation With a Narcissist

Introduction to Rebecca Zung

Who is Rebecca Zung?
Rebecca Zung is a name that has gained prominence in the world of negotiation, particularly when dealing with challenging personalities. But why? Well, she’s not just any negotiator. She’s a top 1% attorney and one of the most recognized experts in negotiations.

Why is she relevant in the world of negotiation?
Rebecca’s unique approach focuses on techniques that address the intricate dynamics when dealing with narcissistic personalities, arming individuals with strategies to emerge triumphant in such tense situations.

The Challenge of Negotiating with a Narcissist

Traits of a narcissist
Ever felt like you’re dealing with someone who seems to be excessively centered around themselves? Who manipulates situations, denies reality, or becomes aggressive when criticized? Chances are, you’ve encountered a narcissist.

Why it’s tough to negotiate with them
Narcissists thrive on power and control. For them, a negotiation is not a pathway to mutual understanding but a battleground. They perceive everything as a win or loss, and the idea of ‘losing’ is unbearable.

Rebecca’s Methodology – Slaying the Negotiation

The essence of ‘Slaying’
To “slay” a negotiation doesn’t mean to defeat the other party brutally. It means to handle the situation with grace, assertiveness, and intelligence. Rebecca’s method focuses on getting what you need without letting a narcissist’s tactics derail you.

Key principles of Rebecca’s approach

  • Preparation
    Before you start, understand what you’re dealing with. Research, introspection, and clarity are your best friends.
  • Knowledge acquisition
    Educate yourself about narcissism. The more you know about their tactics, the better equipped you’ll be.
  • Establishing boundaries
    Set clear and non-negotiable boundaries. This will prevent them from taking control of the situation.
  • Using the right language
    Speak their language. Address their fears and needs while asserting yours. It’s a delicate balance, but it’s possible.

Real-life examples

Testimonials of successful negotiations
Countless individuals have shared stories of their successful negotiations after applying Rebecca’s techniques. From divorce settlements to business deals, the results speak for themselves.

Rebecca’s own experiences
Drawing from her experiences, both personal and professional, Rebecca has faced narcissists head-on. These real-life stories add credibility and depth to her approach.

The importance of understanding narcissism in today’s world

Societal prevalence
Narcissistic traits, unfortunately, are becoming increasingly common in today’s society. From corporate ladders to social media influencers, the need for validation and control is omnipresent.

Empowering oneself through knowledge
Understanding the nuances of narcissism not only helps in negotiations but also empowers individuals to navigate various spheres of life with confidence and clarity.

Negotiating with a narcissist can be daunting, but with the right tools and techniques, one can navigate these treacherous waters successfully. Rebecca Zung’s insights provide a beacon of hope for those who feel overpowered, reminding them that with knowledge and strategy, they can slay any negotiation.


  1. Who is Rebecca Zung?
    Rebecca Zung is a top 1% attorney and an expert in negotiations, especially with narcissists.
  2. What makes negotiating with a narcissist difficult?
    Narcissists perceive negotiations as battles, always aiming to ‘win’ rather than finding mutual ground.
  3. What does ‘slaying’ a negotiation mean?
    It means handling a negotiation with grace, assertiveness, and intelligence, especially when dealing with challenging personalities.
  4. Why is understanding narcissism important today?
    Narcissistic traits are prevalent in many spheres of life today, making it essential to recognize and navigate them effectively.
  5. Can Rebecca Zung’s methods be applied to all negotiations?
    While tailored for narcissists, the core principles of preparation, knowledge, and assertiveness can be beneficial in various negotiation scenarios.