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Are you prepared to take your stock trading to the next level? The Tradesmart – NQ Price Action Mastery course will help you prepare to take on the thrilling world of trading the Nasdaq (NQ) at the US market open.This is not your typical lesson on trading. It is painstakingly made for traders who are committed to learning how to trade during the crucial hours when the US market is open. Regardless of your level of experience, our extensive training curriculum will help you succeed.

Let’s examine what to anticipate from this life-changing experience:

First Session: Getting Your Day Started
Prior to considering a transaction, you must be aware of the important considerations. You will leave this session with the ability to recognize market synchronicities and divergences, as well as practical trading gap-closing techniques.

Session 2: Target Calculation and Market Movement Navigation
Discover how to compute objectives and measured movements. We’ll also go into detail on pullbacks and reversals, showing you how to accomplish it using real-world trading examples.

Third Session: Before and After Open Market Situations
Learn about the many configurations and situations that arise both prior to and during the opening of the cash market. Understanding the market’s dynamics during these pivotal times requires attending this workshop.

Session 4-6: Application for Real-Time Trading
The true magic occurs in the last three sessions. We’ll use recordings of real trading sessions to put all the methods we’ve studied into practice. You will see firsthand how the methods and approaches covered in the course are put to use.

Therefore, the Tradesmart – NQ Price Action Mastery course is your pass to market open mastery if you’re above 30 and ready to advance your trading. Don’t pass up this chance to improve your trading skills and realize all of your stock market potential.